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DNA sequencing may give hope to critically ill adults in hospital

Research offers hope for preventing post-COVID 'brain fog' by targeting brain's blood vessels

Feeling apathetic? There may be hope

Cold water thrown on hope of life in ocean of Saturn's icy moon Titan

New study offers hope for thousands impacted each year by aggressive brain cancer

Gene-editing offers hope for people with hereditary disorder

Gene editing offers hope for people with hereditary disorder

New Alzheimer’s drugs bring hope. But not equally for all patients.

Confirmation of ancient lake on Mars offers hope that Perseverance rover's soil and rock samples hold traces of life

Gene therapies that let deaf children hear bring hope—and many questions

Shots of Hope: COVID-19 Vaccine Reduces Long COVID in Children

Vitamin discovered in rivers may offer hope for salmon suffering from thiamine deficiency disease

Newly discovered genetic mutation protects against Parkinson's disease and offers hope for new therapies

Brain cell discovery sparks hope for fertility treatments

New Alzheimer’s drugs bring hope of slowing disease for UK patients

Researchers have cracked the cellular code on protein folding, offering hope for new therapeutic avenues for many diseases

The Habitable Worlds Observatory, slated for a mid-2040s launch, will be stationed at Lagrange Point 2, Approximately 1 million miles from Earth — and it is being designed to be serviceable. NASA's hope is that, by launch time, crewed missions to L2 will be possible.

Macaque trials offer hope in pneumonia vaccine development

Macaque trials offer hope in pneumonia vaccine development

The Scent of Hope: Innovative Treatment Restores Sense of Smell in Patients With Long COVID