Highly Effective

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Mucus-based lubricant proves highly effective against HIV and herpes, study finds

Highly effective memory B cells localized in the lungs

Automated cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia delivered over the internet shown to be highly effective in Black women

First potential immunization against RSV for healthy infants found highly effective in phase 3 trial

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Two Highly Effective Treatments That Induce Peanut Allergy Remission in Children

mRNA Vaccines Highly Effective at Preventing Death From COVID-19 – But Less Effective at Preventing Infection

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A Highly Effective Laser Network the Size of a Grain of Sand

Liquid chalk highly effective in killing SARS-CoV-2 and influenza A viruses

We have another highly effective COVID vaccine, based on different tech. While not needed for the US, it should help with the global vaccine push.

New Sunscreen Is Coral-Safe and Provides Highly Effective UVB/UVA Protection

Moderna Vaccine Highly Effective in Adolescents, Company Says

Universal coronavirus vaccine is highly effective in monkeys

Pfizer and AstraZeneca ‘highly effective’ against India Covid variant

New immunotherapy 'highly effective' against hepatitis B

New Immunotherapy “Highly Effective” Against Hepatitis B Virus

New immunotherapy 'highly effective' against hepatitis B