Heat Shield

A human shield is a non-combatant (or a group of non-combatants) who either volunteers or is forced to shield a legitimate military target in order to deter the enemy from attacking it.The concept of human shields as a resistance measure was created by Mahatma Gandhi as a weapon of resistance.

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Artemis II Orion Heat Shield Installed: A Key Step Towards NASA’s Moon Mission

Orion Heat Shield Installed for NASA’s Artemis II Mission

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SpaceX could launch this wild, origami-inspired folding heat shield later this year

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NASA reveals its moon spacecraft was damaged as it plummeted to Earth. Those issues include significant damage to the mobile launcher — the Space Launch System rocket's platform — and the Orion spacecraft's protective heat shield.

NASA's Artemis 1 Orion spacecraft aced moon mission despite heat shield issue

After 15 Years and 1,000 Tests – Is Orion’s Heat Shield Ready To Take the Heat?

After 15 Years, 1,000 Tests, Orion’s Heat Shield Ready to Take the Heat

Boots on Mars: Artemis 1 launch and heat shield test take NASA closer

LOFTID Inflatable Heat Shield Test A Success, Early Results Show

Inflatable heat shield a 'huge success' that could land humans on Mars, NASA says

NASA to Share First Results of Inflatable Heat Shield Technology Test

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NASA’s Successful Launch, Deployment, and Retrieval of LOFTID – An Innovative Inflatable Heat Shield