Intel Galileo is the first in a line of Arduino-certified development boards based on Intel x86 architecture and is designed for the maker and education communities.

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Did the Galileo Mission Find Life on Earth?

JPL and the Space Age: Saving Galileo (NASA Documentary)

Johann Goldsmid, Galileo Galilei, Christopher Scheiner of Germany, and Thomas Herriot all claimed to have discovered sunspots in 1611. They all saw them through telescopes, drew them by hand, but none really understood what they were seeing

A Doodle Reveals da Vinci’s Early Deconstruction of Gravity: Long before Galileo and Newton used superior mathematics to study a fundamental natural force, Leonardo calculated the gravitational constant with surprising accuracy

Galileo update: GSAT0220 has been upgraded with the improved I/NAV message

Galileo High Accuracy Service (HAS) is now available! Galileo HAS increases the accuracy of Galileo to sub-meter levels. It will strengthen sectors where precise navigation is key, like agriculture or drones, also boosting innovation.

Forged Galileo manuscript leads experts to controversial book he secretly wrote

Forged Galileo manuscript leads experts to controversial book he secretly wrote

Galileo confirmed as author of pseudonymous 17th century astronomy text | It's a biting rebuttal to a philosopher's ideas about the 1604 supernova ("stella nova").

"The Paradox of Fermi’s Paradox" - Christopher Mellon (former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence; The Galileo Project at Harvard University)

Scientific illustrations illuminate work by Galileo, Einstein and more

This Prized Galileo Letter Was Considered A Jewel. But It's A Complete Fake

Document supposedly written by Galileo is a fake

On the trail of unidentified aerial phenomenon: the Galileo Project looks ahead

Document supposedly written by Galileo is a fake

Library’s prized Galileo manuscript turns out to be a clever forgery

University of Michigan prized Galileo manuscript (the first observational data that showed objects orbiting a body other than the earth) proved to be a forgery.

A Watermark, and ‘Spidey Sense,’ Unmask a Forged Galileo Treasure

Along with the recent OneWeb news, Eric Berger reports Europeans propose Galileo satellites be launched on Falcon 9.

Project Galileo: The search for alien tech hiding in our Solar System