study shows that parents raising children with serious mental illness and violent tendencies experience and express grief similar to those of children who have died, which informs how practitioners can help these caregivers cope with the stress

“Pineapple Express” – Atmospheric River Drenches California, Blasting Hazardous Winds

Mars Express Spots Two Large Craters at Martian South Pole

Showing gratitude is good for all of us, but research shows we systematically underestimate how positive it is for the receiver and overestimate how awkward it can be. This “miscalibation” causes us to express gratitude less. (No paywall)

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Mars Express Spacecraft Sets Data Relay Record

Fearful cats also express other problematic behavior: Socialization important already at early stages of life

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New research suggests that to reduce fear of death, we need to increase our sense of autonomy and freedom. In short, we need to do more things that are motivated by inner desires to explore our environment and express ourselves than do things just because of reward/punishment.

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Mars Express captures images of Mars' 'Grand Canyon', the Solar System's biggest canyon

The Mars Express Delivers Truly Epic Views of The Solar System's Biggest Canyon

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The Mars Express spacecraft is finally getting a Windows 98 upgrade

Mars Express Gets A Software Update After 19 Years Of Service