Earth & Sky was a daily radio series that presented information about science and nature. It began broadcasting in 1991 and ceased operations in 2013. EarthSky is the ongoing website, serving 21 million users in 2019, according to Google Analytics. Earth & Sky was the creation of producers Deborah Byrd and Joel Block, who were also the hosts. Byrd had previously created the radio program Star Date that began broadcasting in the US in 1978, and Block was Star Date's original host. Earth & Sky presented 60- and 90-second radio spots on a wide variety of scientific topics, communicating through terrestrial radio as well as satellite radio and internet radio. Earth & Sky was aired one or more times daily on more than 1,000 commercial, NPR, and other public radio stations, 80 affiliate stations for the sight-impaired, and across 35 channels on both XM and Sirius satellite radio in the United States.

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