Earlier Than

Early bird dinner is a dinner served earlier than traditional dinner hours, particularly at a restaurant.

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North America’s First Parrot Breeders Got Started Earlier Than We Knew

Virgin Galactic to launch commercial space tourism service with flight targeting no earlier than June 27

Ovarian cancer test could detect disease earlier than current methods

Study: Visual Perspective Taking Originated in Dinosaur Lineage, Likely Earlier than in Mammals

Ancient Humans in Europe Started Controlling Fire Far, Far Earlier Than We Thought

The Ariane 6 rocket will now debut no earlier than the spring of 2024

Worlds Largest “Raptor” Dinosaurs Lived 10 Million Years Earlier Than Thought

Solar activity may peak 1 year earlier than thought. Here is what it means for us

Rewriting the Story of Human Evolution: Apes Lived in Open Habitats 10 Million Years Earlier Than Expected

Horses Transformed Native American Life Far Earlier Than We Thought, New Study Reveals

2,900 Years Ago: Archaeologists Prove That Steel Tools Were Used in Europe Earlier Than Previously Thought

Soyuz MS-23 may share design flaw with MS-22 and Progress MS-21. Soyuz MS-24 may launch earlier than planned.

HIV reservoirs are established earlier than expected

Bows Were Being Used in Europe 40,000 Years Earlier Than We Thought

Bow-and-arrow technology appeared in Europe about 54,000 years ago — as Homo sapiens arrived on the continent, thousands of years earlier than previously thought

Startling Discovery: Worst Impacts of Sea Level Rise Will Hit Earlier Than Expected

Fossil discovery reveals complex ecosystems existed on Earth much earlier than previously thought

Hominids used stone tool kits to butcher animals earlier than once thought

The 1st galaxies may have formed much earlier than we thought, James Webb Space Telescope reveals

Prehistoric Surprise: Ancient Footprints Reveal the Presence of Man in Spain 200,000 Years Earlier Than Thought