James Webb Space Telescope photographs the most distant known star in the universe. The star, Earendel, started shining some 13 billion years ago.

Webb Sheds New Light on Stellar Properties of Earendel, Farthest Known Star

Webb Telescope Uses Ripple In Spacetime To Image ‘Earendel,’ The Most Distant Star Ever Seen 28 Billion Light-Years Distant

Webb Images Earendel, Farthest Known Star

James Webb Space Telescope glimpses Earendel, the most distant star known in the universe

A star nicknamed ‘Earendel’ may be the most distant yet seen

The Farthest Star Sheds New Light on the Early Universe | A cosmic fluke helped Hubble spy Earendel, a giant star at the edge of the known universe that could tell us more about what happened after the Big Bang.

Hubble spots the farthest star ever seen. Located some 28 billion light-years away (thanks to the expanding universe), this 12.9-billion-year-old star, named Earendel, is between 50 and 500 times as massive as the Sun — and millions of times as bright.