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Studies reveal new clues to how tardigrades can survive intense radiation. Radiation damages their DNA; they're just able to repair that damage very quickly.

A ‘Computer’ Built from DNA Can Find Patterns in Photographs

Cancer patients can now be 'matched' to best treatment with DNA and lab-dish experiments

A Random Influx of DNA from a Virus Helped Vertebrates Become So Stunningly Successful

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How a ‘rogue’ chunk of DNA scrambled the bird family tree

Vaping’s Hidden Dangers: New Study Links E-Cigarettes to DNA Changes

Memories Are Made by Breaking DNA — and Fixing It, Study in Mice Finds

Beethoven's DNA Reveals Musical Genius Just Might Lie in Any of Us

Memories are made by breaking DNA — and fixing it. Nerve cells form long-term memories with the help of an inflammatory response seen usually in immune cells, study in mice finds.

Mindfulness in your DNA? Capacity to be present is partly a function of genetics, study finds

Scientists develop novel RNA- or DNA-based substances to protect plants from viruses

Detecting pathogens faster and more accurately by melting DNA

Down syndrome identified in 2600-year-old infants through their DNA

DNA from child burials reveals ‘profoundly different' human landscape in ancient Africa

Deciphering Einkorn’s DNA To Unleash More Resilient, Nutritious Bread Varieties

DNA From Beethoven's Hair Reveals Surprise Some 200 Years Later

DNA from enslaved 19th century Maryland girl traced forward to living relatives

Spiders spin webs to catch prey. They’re also trapping a wealth of DNA

DNA Repair at Light Speed: Unraveling the Mystery With TARDIS