Dimorphos (formal designation (65803) Didymos I; provisional designation S/2003 (65803) 1) is a natural satellite or moon of the near-Earth asteroid 65803 Didymos, with which it forms a binary system.

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DART Made a Surprisingly Big Impact on Dimorphos

Dimorphos is Probably a Piece of Didymos

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NASA's DART asteroid crash: What scientists have learned about Dimorphos so far

NASA's DART asteroid crash: What scientists have learned about Dimorphos so far

Asteroid Moonlet Dimorphos Develops Two Tails after DART Impact

Surprise! The Dimorphos' second tail emerged (Credit: NASA's HST)

DART’s Impact Altered Orbit of Dimorphos, NASA Says

NASA's DART hit the asteroid Dimorphos two weeks ago at 14,000 mph hoping to change its orbit around Didymos. It was a smashing success. Humanity is capable of changing the trajectory of small asteroids.

DART successfully changed the orbit of Dimorphos, decreasing its orbital period by 32-mins

DART impact gave asteroid Dimorphos a debris tail thousands of miles long

Astronomers Spot Huge Trail of Debris from DART Collision with Dimorphos