Barbara Stanley, Influential Suicide Researcher, Dies at 73

K. Alex Müller, Innovator in Ceramic Superconductors, Dies at 95

Mary Kaye Richter, Florist Turned Medical Crusader, Dies at 77

Joseph Torg, Doctor Who Fought to Lessen Football Injuries, Dies at 88

Ken Balcomb, 82, Dies; Revealed the Hidden World of Killer Whales

Walter Cunningham, Who Helped Pave the Way to the Moon, Dies at 90

Astronaut Walt Cunningham, who test-flew Apollo 7 command module, dies at 90

Apollo Astronaut Walter Cunningham Dies at 90

‘It’s hard to say goodbye.’ Quake-sensing lander dies on Mars

This may be the last Mars photo from NASA's InSight lander before it dies on the Red Planet

Don Lewis, Unsung Pioneer of Electronic Music, Dies at 81

Mirosław Hermaszewski, first Pole to fly into space, dies at 81

Joseph Kittinger, a Record-Setter High in the Skies, Dies at 94

Jim Kaler, one of the world’s leading experts on stars and a passionate science communicator, dies at age 83.

Frederick P. Brooks Jr., Computer Design Innovator, Dies at 91

Astronomer and solar eclipse expert Jay Pasachoff dies at age 79

Jay Pasachoff, globetrotting solar eclipse expert who has personally witnessed 74 solar eclipses, dies at age 79.

Jay Pasachoff, Who Pursued Eclipses Across the Globe, Dies at 79

Dr. Lewis Kuller, a Father of Preventive Cardiology, Dies at 88

Samuel L. Katz, a Developer of the Measles Vaccine, Dies at 95