Die casting is a metal casting process that is characterized by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mold cavity.

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W. Jason Morgan, Who Developed Theory of Plate Tectonics, Dies at 87

Evelyn M. Witkin, Who Discovered How DNA Repairs Itself, Dies at 102

Dr. Susan Love, Surgeon and Breast Health Advocate, Dies at 75

Lewis Branscomb, Champion of Science Across Fields, Dies at 96

Edward Fredkin, 88, Who Saw the Universe as One Big Computer, Dies

Frank Field, Who Brought Expertise to TV Weathercasting, Dies at 100

Peg Yorkin, Who Helped Bring the Abortion Pill to the U.S., Dies at 96

Nobel Laureate John B. Goodenough dies at 100

John B. Goodenough, 100, Dies; Nobel-Winning Creator of the Lithium-Ion Battery

Farewell to the Master of Quantum Puzzles: MIT’s “Giant of Theoretical Physics” Roman Jackiw Dies at 83

Firouz Naderi, NASA Scientist Who Led Mars Missions, Dies at 77

Henry Petroski, Whose Books Decoded Engineering, Dies at 81

Donald Triplett, ‘Case 1’ in the Study of Autism, Dies at 89

Roger Payne, Biologist Who Heard Whales Singing, Dies at 88

Owen Gingerich, Astronomer Who Saw God in the Cosmos, Dies at 93

Harald zur Hausen, 87, Nobelist Who Found Cause of Cervical Cancer, Dies

Brian Shul Dies at 75; Fighter Pilot Who Flew World’s Fastest Plane

Ian Hacking, Eminent Philosopher of Science and Much Else, Dies at 87

Robert J. Zimmer, Who Promoted Free Speech on Campus, Dies at 75

George Clark, astrophysicist who led discoveries of celestial gamma-ray sources, dies aged 94