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A developing country is a sovereign state with a lesser developed industrial base and a lower Human Development Index (HDI) relative to other countries.

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Chemists develop new method to create chiral structures

Bubble Wonder – Researchers Develop New Mathematical Model to Enhance Ultrasound Resolution

MIT and IBM Develop New Tool To Help Choose the Right Method for Evaluating AI Models

Unprecedented Transmission Speeds – Scientists Develop New Quantum Key Distribution System

Cognitive scientists develop new model explaining difficulty in language comprehension

Scientists develop new way to measure wind

Astronomers develop new AI software to sharpen photos from ground-based telescopes

Researchers develop new technology to easily detect active TB

Chemists Develop New Technique to Synthesize Lewis Superacids

Scientists develop new technique for studying mitochondria

Researchers develop new, automated, powerful diagnostic tool for drug detection

Scientists develop new index based on functional morphology to understand how ancestors of modern birds used their wings

Scientists develop new device to detect brain tumors using urine

A window into the nanoworld: Scientists develop new technique to image fluctuations in materials

Researchers develop new tool for studying multiple characteristics of a single cell

NASA Taps Collins Aerospace to Develop New Space Station Spacesuits

Researchers develop new 'raspberry-shaped' nanoparticle for precision drug delivery

Researchers develop new machete technique to slice into cancer genome and study copy number alterations

Scientists develop new mathematical model of Alzheimer's disease

Scientists develop new method to faster -- and more accurately -- find antigens that trigger specific immune cells