A typeface (or font family) is a design of letters, numbers and other symbols, to be used in printing or for electronic display.

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It’s a xenomorph outbreak on Planet Lethe in first 'Aliens: Dark Descent' tactical gameplay trailer

CRISPR’s ‘ancestry problem’ misses cancer targets in those of African descent

NASA Awards Contracts in Support of Entry, Descent, Landing Technology

Chinese Booster Rocket Crash-Lands to Earth After Risky, Out-of-Control Descent

New NASA spacecraft could survive a hellish descent on Venus

U.S. academics of Chinese descent organize and speak out—with caution

Cavers discover snakes and waterfalls inside Yemen's infamous 'Well of Hell' in world-first descent

NASA Performs Field Test of 3D Imaging System for Descent and Landing

Why Is Your Pet Rabbit Of European Descent? Researchers Have A Possible Explanation.

Darwin’s Descent of Man Foreshadowed Modern Scientific Theories

Modern theories of human evolution foreshadowed by Darwin’s Descent of Man

Charles Darwin theories in Descent of Man 'warped' by his prejudices, claims professor - NZ Herald

The Sounds of Titan In 2005, the European Space Agency's Huygens probe descended to the surface of Saturn's moon Titan. Microphones aboard Huygens recorded the sounds of descent and landing.

People of European descent evolved resistance to TB over 10,000 years

How Far Away From Perseverance Did the Descent Stage Land?

How Far Away From Perseverance Did the Descent Stage Land?

Mars rover sends home movie of daredevil descent to landing on red planet

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Captured Perseverance During Descent to Red Planet

Perseverance’s ‘sky crane’ captures Mars descent

Perseverance carries a small microphone that, if all goes well, will record the sounds of the descent and the martian environment, something no Mars probe has achieved. Space agencies have many thousands of images of planetary exploration but precious little in the way of alien soundtracks.