Deep Space Network

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From Apollo to Artemis: Celebrating 60 Years of NASA’s Deep Space Network

NASA’s Deep Space Network Turns 60 and Prepares for the Future

NASA officials sound alarm over future of the Deep Space Network

60 years of moonshots, made possible by the Deep Space Network

Deep Space Network Now: LICIACube downloading at 04:12:13 UTC maybe new DART photos soon (56 Madrid)

ESA’s Deep Space Network Tracks DART Asteroid Impact

A look at the NASA Deep Space Network, which communicates with 40 spacecraft outside Earth’s orbit, including the James Webb Space Telescope, two Voyager probes in interstellar space, and multiple machines on and around Mars. Article appears on, talks about NASA's use of Oracle tech.

DSN Upgrades: NASA’s Deep Space Network Looks to the Future

NASA to upgrade Deep Space Network, improve linkages with probes beyond our solar system

NASA’s Deep Space Network Welcomes a Super Powerful New Dish to the Family

Welcoming a New Addition to the Deep Space Network

NASA's deep space network welcomes a new dish to the family. Called Deep Space Station 56, or DSS-56, the dish is now online and ready to communicate with a variety of missions, including NASA's Perseverance rover when it lands on the Red Planet next month.