David is a common masculine given name.

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George Low was a top engineer for the Apollo moon landing team and his son David became a three-time shuttle astronaut

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Most comprehensive age reversal experiment to date from Harvard and David Sinclair showing DNA remains intact but epigenome fails. Mice tissue age reversed and health span increased

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David Tennant surprises 'Doctor Who' fans for 2023's big 60th anniversary party

The Wow signal is SETI's founding myth. Most have dismissed it, but for 35 years, until his death last year, one man never stopped searching. Bob Gray's final research, "Could the "Wow" signal have originated from a stochastic repeating beacon?" was published in June with astronomer David Kipping.

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David Lunt revolutionized amateur astronomy by introducing the first hydrogen-alpha solar telescopes for consumers in the late 1990s. H-alpha filters had been available before, but they required electronic temperature control to maintain their narrow passpands, making them cumbersome to use

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