In mathematical logic and metalogic, a formal system is called complete with respect to a particular property if every formula having the property can be derived using that system, i.e.

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Experimental reusable booster Themis and new methalox engine Prometheus complete first hot-fire tests in France

The first photos of the Sun were taken in 1845 by French physicists Louis Fizeau and Lion Foucault. In the 1860s, Warren de la Rue recorded the complete 11 year solar cycle in a series of almost 3000 images that clearly showed sunspots and other features

Russian Cosmonauts Complete Spacewalk Replacing Space Station Hardware

Jupiter Bound: Juice Spacecraft Deployments Complete

Dark Sky Utah: A complete guide to astro-travel in America's darkest state

Archaeologists in Armenia Unearth a Bakery—Complete With 3,000-Year-Old Flour

Juice deployments complete: final form for Jupiter

NASA, Rocket Lab Complete Launch of TROPICS CubeSat Constellation

“Surprising” Findings – Scientists Identify Complete Respiratory Supercomplex

Human pangenome reference will enable more complete and equitable understanding of genomic diversity

ispace CEO Takeshi Hakamada on Hakuto-R landing attempt: "We have to assume that we could not complete the landing on the lunar surface."

China's Shenzhou 15 astronauts complete record-breaking 4th spacewalk (video)

Shenzhou-15 taikonauts complete 4th spacewalk, setting China record

Nearly Complete Skull of Titanosaur Unearthed in Australia

Complete sabertooth tiger skull from North American Midcontinent shows Smilodon males weighed ≥300 kg as adults and were competent hunters by 2-3 years old. C14 dating of specimen helps narrow extinction of species to 13,285 cal B.P. - 11,785 cal B.P.

Closed Loop for Circular Economy: New Polymer Recycling Strategy Ensures Both High Stability and Complete Recyclability

Complete Depiction of The Zodiac Found in Ancient Egyptian Temple

Closed loop for circular economy: New polymer recycling strategy ensures both high stability and complete recyclability

Revolutionizing Neuroscience: First-Ever Complete Wiring Map of Insect Brain Neurons

The First-Ever Complete Map of an Insect Brain Is Truly Mesmerizing