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Japan is hoping to double the size of its space sector by the early 2030s. The Japanese Diet has passed a series of laws aimed at making private space operations more enticing, with a legal path for companies to explore and extract various space resources.

Space Development Agency to buy 54 missile-tracking satellites. The Space Development Agency selected three companies to build 18 satellites each for its space-based missile warning, tracking and defense constellation.

NASA Selects 12 Companies for Space Station Services Contract

Two companies will attempt the first US moon landings since the Apollo missions a half-century ago

2 companies will attempt the first US moon landings since Apollo

To combat climate change, companies bury plant waste at sea

Blue Carbon Is One of Many Companies Inking Carbon Market Deals

DARPA moon tech study selects 14 companies to develop a lunar economy

26 aerospace companies sign statement against destructive anti-satellite tests

Did Tobacco Companies Also Get Us Hooked On Junk Food? New Research Says Yes