College Students

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Loneliness associated with unhealthful diets and physical inactivity among US college students

College students suffer more than 100 alcohol-related consequences, study finds

How college students perceive academic stress affects their mental well-being

Lack of Belonging Predicts Depressive Symptomatology in College Students

Four-year college students drink more, use marijuana less than community college peers, study finds

Rising parental expectations linked to perfectionism in college students

Many new college students report pet separation anxiety

Research suggests common reasons for consuming marijuana in different populations (e.g., college students, long-term users) include, among others: relaxation, fun, feeling good, medical uses, peer pressure, curiosity, bonding, boredom, emotion regulation, inspiration, and lower sexual inhibition.

Beyond childhood: Picky eating in college students

For Some College Students, Remote Learning Is a Game Changer