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Characteristics of older forests can buffer effects of climate change for some bird species

A study of characteristics of U.S. presidential candidate supporters finds, among other things, preference for Trump was predicted by lower Openness and higher Volatility, but lower Compassion and higher Industriousness. Support for Biden was predicted by higher Compassion, Intellect, and Withdrawal

Characteristics of stable Vitiligo skin disease

Scientists identify characteristics to better define long COVID

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Physicists describe photons’ characteristics to protect future quantum computing

TEDDY study compares characteristics of children diagnosed with type 1 diabetes before and after age 6

The doomed matter swirling around black holes is helping astronomers tease out the two defining characteristics of black holes — namely, their mass and spin.

Belief in social Darwinism linked to dysfunctional psychological characteristics, study finds

Scientists detect characteristics of the birth of a major challenge to harvesting fusion energy on Earth

Study reveals characteristics of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein