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Researchers learn how electric fish survive in low oxygen streams for months at time: By studying this case of molecular evolution, scientists may find new ways to target tumors.

A Supermassive Black Hole with a Case of the Hiccups

Why are some supermassive black hole jets so short? Astronomers may have cracked the case

In case you need to argue why we should explore space, try referring people to this letter by Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger, then-associate director of science at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. Possibly the most eloquent and respectful reply to such a question.

Flimsy Antiabortion Studies Cited in Case to Ban Mifepristone Are Retracted

First case of bubonic plague in US in 8 years came from a cat

A new study makes the case for asteroid strikes setting in motion global glaciation in the distant past

What’s at stake for science in Supreme Court’s ‘abortion pill’ case?

Astrophysicists crack the case of 'disappearing' Sulphur in planetary nebulae

First Case of Lethal Bird Flu in Polar Bears Reported in Alaska

Supernova Scavenger Hunt: Cracking the Case of Cosmic Ghost Stars

A maverick physicist is building a case for scrapping quantum gravity

The Case of the Missing Vega AVUM Propellant Tanks

Balloon Animals and Bouncy Castles on the Moon. The Case for Inflatable Habitats

Hurricane Ian: A Case for the Hurricane Hunter Satellites

James Webb spots carbon on Europa, boosting case for life

The Case for a Small Universe