Brit: On Race, Identity and Belonging is a 2018 book by the journalist Afua Hirsch. The book is part-memoir and discusses black history, culture and politics in the context of Britain, Senegal and Ghana. It received mixed critical reception.

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A survey of over 2000 British adults has found that public trust in science, particularly genetics, increased significantly during the pandemic. However, those with extremely negative attitudes towards science tend to have high self-belief in their own understanding despite low textbook knowledge

The James Webb Space Telescope can use its full name in British journal again after controversy

Gold-and-garnet cross necklace found buried with wealthy medieval British woman

The Elgin Marbles may finally return to Greece, 200 years after being removed by British nobility

John McFall, who has become the first astronaut recruit with a disability, is a British doctor and former Paralympian who lost a leg in a motorbike accident. McFall has been selected by the European Space Agency for a special "parastronaut" program

Watch an ancient ice sheet cover the British Isles then vanish, in eerie time-lapse animation

Watch an ancient ice sheet cover the British Isles then vanish, in eerie time-lapse animation

Documents obtained from the British Government revealed that 16 million Nigerians and 25% of its GDP are under 1-in-100 year flood threats

Oldest British DNA reveals mass immigrations after last ice age

British institutions join search for answers on early universe

Could Labour's Great British Energy firm spark a green revolution?

Artificial islands surrounding British Isles were used for ancient parties, archaeologists find

Anxiety disorders and age-related changes in physiology | The British Journal of Psychiatry | Cambridge Core

British rocket startup Skyrora aces key engine test ahead of 2023 debut launch

Most British COVID-19 mourners suffer PTSD symptoms, survey finds

Rare wild ancestors of feral pigeons found living on British and Irish islands

340-Year-Old Wreck of British Frigate Gloucester Found

Huge plan to map the DNA of all life in British Isles

Which British monarch has reigned the longest? (What about the shortest?)

The English National Opera worked with British doctors to design a new intervention for long COVID. Utilizing singing and breathing exercises, this new treatment is helping reduce breathlessness and anxiety.