Brit: On Race, Identity and Belonging is a 2018 book by the journalist Afua Hirsch. The book is part-memoir and discusses black history, culture and politics in the context of Britain, Senegal and Ghana. It received mixed critical reception.

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340-Year-Old Wreck of British Frigate Gloucester Found

Huge plan to map the DNA of all life in British Isles

Which British monarch has reigned the longest? (What about the shortest?)

The English National Opera worked with British doctors to design a new intervention for long COVID. Utilizing singing and breathing exercises, this new treatment is helping reduce breathlessness and anxiety.

British coral predicted to be resilient to climate change

Iconic British Corals Predicted To Be Resilient to Climate Change

Study Reveals British History's Most Worm-Infested People, And It's Not Who You Think

British Rainfall Records Extended Back to 1836 Thanks to Covid Lockdowns

Skyrora Opens New Engine Testing Facility in Scotland to test engines for its orbital Skyrora XL vehicle, as it aims to become the first British company to complete an orbital launch from U.K. soil.

Rare 14th-century gold 'leopard' coin could sell for 140,000 British pounds

British rocket startup's staff helping defend Dnipro, Ukraine's space city

Jeff Foust: Roscosmos demands as a condition of the upcoming Soyuz OneWeb launch that the British government withdraw as a shareholder of OneWeb, after an earlier demand that OneWeb guarantee the satellites won’t be used for military purposes. Don’t think that launch is going to happen.

British Medical Journal: "unacceptable delay" in the release of participant level data from Pfizer/Moderna/AstraZeneca vaccine trials.

British Medical Association Appeal: Facebook Fails To Act Over Incompetent “Fact Check” of COVID-19 Vaccine Investigation

Soggy Autumn in the Pacific Northwest – Saturated Soil Across Western Washington and Southern British Columbia

British studies warn of Omicron’s speed, and one notes the need for boosters.

British Columbia Braces For More Flooding Just One Week After Devastating Storm

British astrophysicist identifies possible candidate for Planet 9 in data collected in the 1983 IRAS study.

Powerful X-ray technique finds new degradation-inducing materials in British shipwreck

British scientists create most detailed map of Uranus' auroras to date