Brighter is a Santa Monica-based internet and healthcare company that connects dentists, patients, and dental insurers. The company licenses a consumer-driven dental benefits experience to insurance carriers to help them administer dental plans more efficiently and offer patient-friendly services such as online and mobile provider directories, patient reviews, and a proprietary online appointment scheduling feature, Brighter Schedule. The company's founder and CEO is internet entrepreneur Jake Winebaum. Brighter's technology powers member engagement tools used by major dental insurers including Cigna, Aetna, and Delta Dental. In December 2017, Brighter was acquired by Cigna.

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Once the antenna panel of this Bluewalker 3 satellite is unfurled, it could perhaps generate brief bright flares brighter than the old Iridium flares! (Credit: Marco Langbroek)

Fireball Lights Up the Sky Over Salt Lake City – 16 Times Brighter Than the Full Moon

Saturn’s rings are so much brighter than Jupiter's because they're made mostly of ice particles replenished by many small moons embedded in the rings. Jupiter’s dim, thin rings, by contrast, are made mostly of dust shed from a few small moons, and the large Galilean moons destroy any large rings.

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Future of perovskite solar cells shines a little brighter

Future of perovskite solar cells shines a little brighter

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