Best Yet

The Best Yet is the first "greatest hits" album from alternative rock band Switchfoot, released on November 4, 2008. Columbia Records, the band's former record label, was the mastermind behind releasing the record, with heavy input concerning the track list coming directly from the band itself. "We want to make sure if it's got our name on it it's a product we like," lead singer Jon Foreman explained. "So we're trying to steer in the right direction." A tentative track listing was announced August 20, 2008, but the official track listing was later announced on the band's official message boards by Switchfoot bassist Tim Foreman. Last Record in general by Switchfoot released on a major label. In its first week, The Best Yet sold 4,500 copies, marking it #123 on the Billboard 200 overall chart. A live DVD titled "The Best Yet: Live in Nashville" was released later.

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