HMAS Australia was one of three Indefatigable-class battlecruisers built for the defence of the British Empire.

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Australian Launch vehicle startup Gilmour Space raises $36 million — The Series D funding “will allow Gilmour to attempt multiple launches and to become the first Australian-built rocket to get to orbit,”

Reported marital harmony -- or conflict -- accounts for nearly ten percent of the variation in mental health self-assessments in a broad study of Australian adults

New era begins as Australian Bogong Thruster proves success

Males of newly described Australian burrowing scorpions have a big tail to tell

Australian Researchers Find 1,150 Species in Their Suburban Home and Its Backyard

Some picky Australian mosquitoes may target frog nostrils for blood

Birds set foot near South Pole in Early Cretaceous, Australian tracks show

On some Australian islands, sea level rise may be helping mangroves thrive

New agreement enables U.S. launches from Australian spaceports

Grammar Changes How We See, an Australian Language Shows

Australian Seaweed Boosts Collagen Levels in Human-Like Skin Cells in The Lab

Scientists Discover That Australian Honeypot Ant Honey Possesses Unique Anti-Microbial Properties

Australian Pink Diamonds Were Formed when Supercontinent Nuna Was Breaking Up into Fragments

Rare Australian pink diamonds emerged when a supercontinent broke up

Debate Over Shark Nets Intensifies As Australian State Prepares For Their Return

Australian researchers have uncovered the genes responsible for antibiotic resistance in Golden staph.

Sharks on an Australian Golf Course Made a Watery Grave Like no Other

A live nematode, Ophidascaris robertsi, has been removed from the brain of a 64-year-old Australian woman, which she contracted from a python near her home.

Live worm found in Australian woman's brain in world first

Australian woman found with parasitic roundworm in her brain caught from carpet python