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Will All Of The Atlantic Hurricane Names Be Used In 2023? - Maybe

A record-breaking number of “uber-rare” North American songbirds have arrived in the UK this week, blown over the Atlantic in the aftermath of Hurricane Lee.

Human Emissions: The Culprit Behind Atlantic Temperature Swings, African Rainfall, and Hurricane Havoc

Along the marshy backroads of the mid-Atlantic, some 40,000 acres of dead trees spear the sky, an insidious symptom of climate change. Our latest news feature at Front Matter (the magazine of PNAS) explores efforts to map these ghost forests and what's at stake for coastal communities.

Extreme Intensity Fluctuations: Hurricane Lee Traverses the Warm Atlantic

Photographer captures rare 'gigantic jets' of upside-down lightning blasting out of Atlantic hurricane

Hot ocean temperatures to fuel above-average Atlantic hurricane season

Nitrogen fixation hotspots in Atlantic seaweed

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Ocean Currents in the Atlantic Could Slow by Century’s End, Research Shows

Gloomy climate calculation: Scientists predict a collapse of the Atlantic ocean current to happen mid-century

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The Atlantic cod may be five separate species rather than one