Astroscale Holdings Inc.

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Astroscale and Momentus offer concept for raising the orbit of the Hubble, which is slowly descending since 2009

Astroscale: on a mission to clean up space junk

Astroscale preparing to restart debris-removal demo

Spacecraft anomaly stalls Astroscale space debris cleanup test

Astroscale pauses debris-removal demo following anomaly

Astroscale raises $109 million Series F round to accelerate plans for active debris removal and satellite servicing.

Astroscale Selects Rocket Lab to Launch Phase I of JAXA’s Debris Removal Demonstration Project

Rocket Lab to launch orbital debris removal mission for Astroscale - The 2023 mission will launch from LC-1, in New Zealand. After launch, the ADRAS-J will rendezvous with an abandoned upper stage rocket to take images and gather observational data to plan later de-orbiting.

Astroscale's space junk removal satellite aces 1st orbital test