Moon Discovered Around Asteroid Polymele by NASA’s Lucy Team

NASA's Lucy Team Discovers Moon Around Asteroid Polymele

Astronomers spot glowing gas around a baby planet some 395 light-years away.

Sturgeon supermoon stuns viewers around the world (photos)

In Photos: See The Third And Final ‘Supermoon’ Of 2022 Rising Around The World In A Blaze Of Color

ALMA Spots Circumplanetary Disk around Young Star AS 209

Powerful Radio Pulses Originating Deep in the Cosmos Probe Hidden Matter Around Galaxies

Scientists mapped dark matter around galaxies in the early universe

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Design prevents buildup of scar tissue around medical implants

[Journal Article by Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan] Super-Earth orbiting near the inner edge of the habitable zone around the M4.5 dwarf Ross 508

NASA's Artemis I Will Send Shaun the Sheep Around the Moon

Further Back in Time Than Ever Before: Distribution of Dark Matter Around Galaxies 12 Billion Years Ago Revealed

Scientists reveal distribution of dark matter around galaxies 12 billion years ago–further back in time than ever before

Scientists reveal distribution of dark matter around galaxies 12 billion years ago -- further back in time than ever before

Where do electrons get energy to spin around an atom's nucleus?

News Briefs from around the World: August 2022

NASA Spacecraft Finds Pits on the Moon That Always Hover Around a Comfortable Temperature

Big Chinese rocket body will fall to Earth around July 31, experts predict

NASA's LRO Finds Lunar Pits Harbor Comfortable Temperatures. NASA-funded scientists have discovered shaded locations within pits on the Moon that always hover around a comfortable 63 F (about 17 C) using data from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) spacecraft and computer modeling.