The Arabs (Arabic: عَرَب, DIN 31635: ʿarab, Arabic pronunciation: [ˈʕa.rab] (listen)), also known as the Arab people, are an ethnic group who identify with each other on the basis of ancestry, culture, history and language, mainly inhabiting the Arab world, which encompasses Western Asia and North Africa, and to a lesser extent West Africa, the Horn of Africa, and the western Indian Ocean islands (including the Comoros).

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Saudi Arabia Cabinet approves transformation of Saudi Space Commission into an agency

Saudi Arabia has ambitious plans for space. Its astronauts on SpaceX's private Ax-2 mission are just the start, official says

SpaceX launches Saudi Arabia’s first female astronaut into space

Saudi Arabia's 1st female astronaut hopes kids follow in her footsteps

There have been several cases of renowned scientists being offered large sums of money by institutions in authoritarian countries – such as Saudi Arabia. This is just the tip of the iceberg: the commercialization of our scientific system is causing real and widespread damage

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Saudi Arabia aims to launch its 1st woman to space as soon as 2023

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Spectacular Lost Highways of Ancient Arabia Discovered by Archaeologists

Vast 4,500-year-old network of 'funerary avenues' discovered in Saudi Arabia

Planetary Scientists Discover That Water Was Once Present in Arabia Terra on Mars

Brief presence of water in Arabia Terra on Mars

Arabia was 'cornerstone' in early human migrations out of Africa, study suggests

Greener, Wetter Arabia Was a Crossroads of Early Human Migration