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Saudi Arabia aims to launch its 1st woman to space as soon as 2023

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Brief presence of water in Arabia Terra on Mars

Arabia was 'cornerstone' in early human migrations out of Africa, study suggests

Greener, Wetter Arabia Was a Crossroads of Early Human Migration

Previously Unknown Mass Extinction Occurred 30 Million Years Ago in Africa and Arabia

Life-sized camel carvings in Northern Arabia date to the Neolithic period

Parade of life-size camel carvings in northern Arabia date to the Stone Age

Over 400,000 Years, Climate Change Lured Ancient Humans Into Arabia Several Times

Humans reached Arabia in at least five waves thanks to wetter climates

Prehistoric climate change repeatedly channelled human migrations across Arabia

Stone Age humans or their relatives occasionally trekked through a green Arabia

Lush wetlands in Arabia lured waves of early humans out of Africa