NASA's Annual Day of Remembrance today, Jan. 26, honors the astronauts who died during the Apollo 1 fire and the Challenger and Columbia space shuttle disasters.

The Apollo 17 astronauts, last men to the Moon, participated in Richard Nixon’s second inauguration parade. The Apollo Lunar Rover used in the parade required the replacement of two batteries for the distance from the Capitol to the White House, due to their limited 30-minute life

Fellow astronauts remember Apollo 7 pilot Walt Cunningham as friend and mentor

Apollo 11's Buzz Aldrin and new wife over the moon with wedding, 'as excited as eloping teenagers'

A total of 1409 exposures were taken during Apollo 11 mission, with 1408 useable images: 857 on black & white film and 551 on color film

Son of Apollo: The Adventures of a Boy Whose Father Went to the Moon is the first book written by an offspring of an Apollo astronaut to focus on growing up in that era

Apollo 11 flight controller Bill Moon was the son of Chinese immigrants and started at NASA when he was just 23. Moon would go on to be the lead the Electrical, Environmental, and Communications controller for Apollo 16 and Apollo 17

The crew of Apollo 11 didn't really have enough time to develop a friendship with each other while training for the moon landing. After they had fulfilled their duties at the end of the day, the three of them went their separate ways rather than go out together and drink a beer

Furnace Brazing the F-1 Thrust Chamber for Apollo (1960s Guide on How to Get Rocket Engines Baked)

NASA Apollo Astronaut Walter Cunningham Passes Away at Age 90

'Space Legend' watch set celebrates 1975 visit by Apollo-Soyuz crew to Disney

Moon scientists hail Artemis opportunities while still learning from Apollo

Walter Cunningham, the last remaining Apollo 7 astronaut, died yesterday at the age of 90. In 2018, Cunningham recounted how the resounding success Apollo 7 set the stage for future Moon landings.

Apollo 7 astronaut Walter Cunningham dead at 90

Astronaut Walt Cunningham, who test-flew Apollo 7 command module, dies at 90

Apollo Astronaut Walter Cunningham Dies at 90

Michael Collins, an Apollo 11 astronaut, was dubbed the “worlds loneliest man” after his time passing through the dark side of the moon alone and losing communication with earth for over 40 minutes

During WW1, a self-taught Ukrainian calculated the trajectory and method to get to the Moon and back. Almost 50 years later, NASA used his work and now the route of Apollo-11 wears his name - Kondratyuk Route

Pope Paul VI dedicated Psalm 8 to the Apollo 11 astronauts and blessed the Moon-landing. After following the mission on TV, he honoured everyone involved and "conquerors of the Moon"

I edited and scored the footage of Apollo 11 launch on Saturn V with Radiohead