Liza Alert (Russian: Лиза Алерт) is a nonprofit search-and-rescue volunteer organization to search for missing people.

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Harmful Algae Alert: NASA Tests New TROPOMI Tool for Tracking Algal Blooms

Exoplanet Discovery Alert: Webb Space Telescope Finds Water in Ultra-Hot Alien World

SUPERNOVA ALERT: SN 2023ixf has just been discovered in the Pinwheel Galaxy, M101! At 21 million light years this is the closest SN in a decade, and should become bright enough for amateur telescopes!!!

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Physicians should be on alert for group A strep as cases experience historic rise, study finds

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Invasion Alert: Disease Fears Raised Over New Mosquito Species Reported in Florida

Tumors Researchers have developed a "suicide squad" of engineered bacteria that targets tumors and undergoes lysis to deliver chemokines, which then alert the host immune system to the tumor.

Measles exposure at massive religious event in Kentucky spurs CDC alert. Kentucky has one of the lowest vaccination rates among kindergartners in the country.

Pungent ginger compound puts immune cells on heightened alert

Discovery Alert: Two 'Nearby' Worlds Might be Habitable

Berkeley Scientists Discover Secret to Waking Up Alert and Refreshed

Lizards that survived wildfires are more alert to the sound of flames

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Invasion Alert: How One Asian Hornet Sparked a European Takeover