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As NASA watches Starship closely, here’s what the agency wants to see next

NASA Invites Media to Watch Agency’s Break the Ice Lunar Challenge Final Phase

NASA appoints 1st AI chief to keep agency on 'the cutting edge'

NASA’s Orion Capsule Heat Shield Wore Away in More Than 100 Places During 2022 Test Flight, Posing ‘Significant Risks’ A new report highlights safety issues that NASA must address before using the spacecraft to send astronauts to the moon, and the agency is already working on fixing the problems

Trump will dismantle key US weather and science agency, climate experts fear

Research suggests those high in boredom proneness experience a lower sense of agency.

NASA chief Bill Nelson promises a 'fight' for agency's 2025 budget request

Asteroid Hit by NASA Spacecraft Was Reshaped by the Collision, Study Finds | Instead of forming a crater, the agency’s intentional DART crash redistributed massive amounts of the asteroid and shot large quantities of rock into space

NASA Invites You to Share Excitement of Agency’s SpaceX Crew-8 Launch

NASA Sets Coverage for Agency’s SpaceX Crew-8 Launch, Docking

ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti to lead agency's LEO Cargo Return initiative

Is there life on Mars? Congressional gridlock is getting in the way of an answer. NASA cut hundreds of jobs Tuesday at one of its key laboratories that sends robots to Mars, despite dozens of lawmakers urging the agency and the White House to avoid such a move.

NASA stresses Artemis 2 moon crew safety as agency remembers fallen astronauts

SpaceX sues US agency that accused it of firing workers critical of CEO Elon Musk

NASA’s Agency Chief Technologist presents their first annual year-in-review for 2023

An agency created an AI model who earns up to $11,000 a month because it was tired of influencers 'who have egos'

NASA Leadership to Call Agency’s Record-Breaking Astronaut in Space

NASA Leadership to Call Agency’s Record-Breaking Astronaut in Space