The Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 (Pub.

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In Paris, the Olympics Clean Up Their Act

Scientists Catch Light-Driven Polymers in the Act

Combined microscopy technique catches light-driven polymers in the act

Act now to prevent a ‘gold rush’ in outer space. As private firms aim for the Moon and beyond, a book calls for an urgent relook at the legal compact that governs space exploration.

Cancer Caught in the Act: Scientists Reveal How One Type of Lung Cancer Can Transform Into Another

Biden Is “Guilty Of An Act Of Medicare Malpractice” That Could Cost Lives

One Careless Act of War Could Destroy All Satellites in Just 40 Years

Act now to prevent uncontrolled rise in carbon footprint of computational science

Endangered Species Act to Be Strengthened

Here's What the Supreme Court's Clean Water Act Ruling Means to You

Final Act for NASA’s Kepler Planet Hunter: Unearthing a Triad of Alien Worlds

World leading health experts say aviation industry must act on cabin fumes as they launch new medical guidance

We Need 50 More Years of the Clean Water Act

In Chile, an Unknown Coastal Chinchilla. Whether a new subspecies, a species, or just a new population, these coastal chinchillas act in ways scientists have never seen before.

Researchers identify potential new treatment for those who act out their dreams while sleeping

James Webb Space Telescope catches ancient galaxy in the act of explosive star birth

Caught in the Act: Astronomers Detect a Star Devouring a Planet for the First Time

Members of Congress seek to pass the PRIME Act, which would allow custom slaughter facilities to sell uninspected meat directly to consumers, restaurants and food service, and to retail, circumventing USDA inspections.

Researchers capture elusive missing step in the final act of photosynthesis

Graphene is a special material. Among its many talents, it can act as a superconductor, generate a super-rare form of magnetism, and unlock entirely new quantum states.