ACCURATE was established in 2005 by a group of computer scientists, psychologists and policy experts to address problems with electronic voting. The organization was funded by NSF thru 2012, and published research and reference materials about electronic voting for use by policy makers, vendors, the elections community and the general public.

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We all make comparisons between ourselves and others. We evaluate how we measure up to our peers in qualities such as intelligence or how funny we are. But how accurate are we when making these comparisons? The False Uniqueness Effect suggests that we are not so accurate after all.

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How to Give Effective Feedback: Research indicates effective feedback is clear, honest, accurate, timely, empowering, and specific (i.e. criticizes a particular behavior than attack a person’s whole character).

A review of research on feedback suggests effective feedback is characterized by being clear, honest, accurate, timely, and empowering. In addition, it targets specific behavior rather than one's character and personality.

Accurate assessment of heart rhythm can optimize chemotherapy use